The SIP AND STYLE membership program “membership” is offered by SIP AND STYLE,INC. “SIP AND STYLE” to our valued customers. The membership terms form the agreement between each customer that participates in our membership program known as a “member” and SIP AND STYLE. SIP AND STYLE reserves the right to change these terms or adopt additional rules, regulations, policies, or procedures (“Related Rules”) affecting our Membership and to terminate a Member’s Membership at any time for any reason without prior written notice. By participating in our membership, the Member agrees to these terms and Related Rules. Each Member is responsible for remaining knowledgeable about our Membership terms and Related Rules contained here. Members agree to pay monthly to participate in a Membership.

Current pricing can be found at (https://sipandstylesalon.com/membership)

SIP AND STYLE Membership entitles each member to the following benefits:

Each membership is described at (https://sipandstylesalon.com/membership). All Memberships are annual subscriptions, 12 month terms. All memberships auto renew for another subscription unless canceled in the mentioned time at the end of the year end term. Active members may request to freeze their automatic monthly billing for up to 3 months per annual subscription. Members may not use any Blowouts and/or make-up applications or any other additional Membership benefits while the Membership billing is on freeze. SIP AND STYLE may increase Membership pricing at some point. Active members are not subject to price increase unless; (a) the member cancels their current membership and decides to join at a later date, (b) the membership is suspended due to a declined payment and the member fails to update their billing information and/or authorize SIP AND STYLE to charge the missing payment within (10) days of the scheduled payment date.(c) the member does not have a signed Membership Agreement on file.

SIP AND STYLE membership payment authorization terms of use:

Members authorize SIP AND STYLE to automatically charge a designated credit or debit card each month. It is the Member’s responsibility to keep SIP AND STYLE informed of accurate billing information. The membership fees will recur monthly until canceled by the member. SIP AND STYLE must be contacted by phone for any changes to the member’s billing information. The monthly fee is automatically charged on the same day as the original sign-up date each month (unless otherwise adjusted upon request by the member). Membership blowouts and/or makeup applications are non-transferable and can only be used by the Member only. SIP AND STYLE will attempt to notify a Member when a membership payment is declined. Member’s must contact SIP AND STYLE by phone within (10) days of a declined membership payment to update credit or debit card information and/or authorize SIP AND STYLE to charge the missing membership payment. Members that fail to make a membership payment within (10) days of the scheduled payment date will be required to pay a $25 reactivation fee to return the membership to an active status.

SIP AND STYLE Membership freeze terms:

Freezing a membership stops the payment from automatically billing for a limited period of time. Membership payments can be frozen for up to 3 months per annual subscription. Requests to freeze a membership can be done at our website using the online freeze form at (https://sipandstylesalon.com/membership-freeze) To avoid future billing, the online freeze form must be submitted at least (10) days prior to the next membership payment date.

Accrued membership benefits remain on hold while on freeze and may not be redeemed until the membership returns to active status. The Member may reactivate a frozen membership before the scheduled freeze period ends by contacting SIP AND STYLE by phone, email or in person. Frozen memberships are not subject to price increase that occur while the membership is frozen. Frozen memberships that are cancelled prior to the first payment date set to resume automatic billing have (30) days from the effective cancellation date to use accrued benefits before they expire.

SIP AND STYLE Membership cancellation terms:

All memberships are an annual subscription (12) months from initial sign up date. A member may cancel their membership at anytime. Early terminated fees will be applied if canceled before the end of the annual subscription ends. Early cancellation fees are 50% of the membership dues of each remaining month left in the annual subscription. This fee will be applied in full upon early cancellation. Membership cancellation requests must be completed through the online form available at our website (https://sipandstylesalon.com/membership-cancel).

To cancel a membership, the online form must be completed at least ten (10) days prior to the member’s scheduled payment date to avoid future billing. Accrued blowouts and/or makeup applications remaining at the time of cancellation expire thirty (30) days from the effective membership cancellation date. The member is not entitled to redeem accrued blowouts and or makeup applications or other benefits as described and offered with the membership for cash or store credit and the member is not entitled to a refund for any of the membership payments, accrued benefits, or any other discounts at any time during the active membership upon cancellation.


Gratuities on membership services are not included. Discounts on products and tools apply to in-store merchandise purchases only. Discounts and membership blowouts and/or makeup applications are non-transferable and can only be used by the Member. To redeem membership blowouts and/or makeup applications and other discounts/benefits, Members must provide their name and identify themselves as a member. Any attempt to transfer benefits under the SIP AND STYLE membership may result in automatic cancellation of membership. SIPA AND STYLE reserves the right to request proper identification from a Member before providing discounts and or benefits per each membership terms as stated. Members also agree to allow SIP AND STYLE to communicate via email, phone (including SMS messages), external websites and various other channels. SIP AND STYLE may use these channels to communicate with Members about account information, status, changes, Related Rules, special offers, promotions, or any other matters SIP AND STYLE believes may be of interest to the Member. Accrued blowouts and/or make up applications, discounts and benefits have no cash value.

Each member agrees and understands that the Member’s credit card will automatically be charged the applicable monthly payment based on the date of sign-up. The monthly payment will be charged automatically and approximately on the same day of the month that the original purchase was made. SIP AND STYLE reserves the right to terminate a Member at any time. Member termination is effective immediately if a Member attempts a chargeback of a membership payment(s). If SIP AND STYLE terminates a Member, the Member’s credit card will not be charged for the next billing period and the terms applicable to cancel a membership will apply. Terminated Members must receive approval from the Salon Manager to reinstate a membership. Membership benefits are subject to be redeemed per availability. For questions about these terms, you may contact SIP AND STYLE via phone or email.